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Listed below you will find the Hair Services I provide. From Haircuts and Hair Colouring to Thick and Long Hair Extensions. After you have seen my hair services, please call me to go over your choice for hair colour, hair style, hair extension length and hair extension thickness.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

  • Great Lengths Hair Extensions

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    Please call to set up a consultation regarding the thickness and length that you want for your Great Lengths Hair Extensions. 702-501-3388

  • SOCAP Hair Extensions

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    Hair Extension Pricing can vary based on several things such as length and thickness. Please contact me today for a quote on your next SOCAP Hair Extensions. 702-501-3388

  • HOTHEADS Hair Extensions

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    Call me today to find out more information or for a quote on HOTHEADS Hair Extensions. 702-501-3388

Hair Services

Hair Coloring

  • Wash & Blow Dry Hair


    Washing and Blow Drying hair with hair extensions can often be tricky and take a while to get fully dry. Call me today to set your hair appointment for Washing and Blow Drying your hair with or without hair extensions. 702-501-3388

  • Cut & Finish

    CALL FOR $

    Haircut with styling can vary a lot so give me a call for more specific pricing for the cut and style you're looking for. 702-501-3388

  • Hair Colouring

    $45 & up

    Looking for something different? Over 100+ different hair colours to customize and choose from for your hair. Call me today to personalize your hair colour. 702-501-3388

  • Hair Highlights

    $60 & up

    I have several hair highlighting techniques available that range from natural highlights, chunky highlights, ombre highlights, and biolage highlights. Call me today for more information on my hair highlighting services. 702-501-3388

  • Evening Hairdressing

    $40 & up

    Going out for a night on the Las Vegas Strip or to a Las Vegas Nightclub? I also provide hair services for weddings, and bachelorettes also. Call me today 702-501-3388.

Brazillian Blowout

Brazillian Blowouts

  • Hair Straightening

    $150 & up

    Dry, Frizzy Hair? My Brazillian Blowout Hair Straightening Services will leave your hair smooth, healthy and frizz-free! Call for more info on Brazillian Blowouts. 702-501-3388



  • Women

    Start at $40

  • Men


  • Kids


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